Tormek T4 Water Cooled tool sharpening system Review


Tormek T4 Water Cooled tool sharpening system Review

Whether you are a seasoned woodworker, or a regular DIY handyman keeping your tools are important to the perfection of your project. There are many tools that have beveled edges that work their best when kept sharp. When used over time these tools become blunt hence the need for sharpening. A water cooled tool sharpening system that is most effective is the Tormek T-4.

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Full Review Of Tormek T4

The Tormek combines both dry and wet grinding techniques when sharpening tools, such as knife blades and chisels for example.

Tormek Sharpening machine is comprised of a stone grinding wheel as well as a leather honing wheel. The stone wheel ensures the tempered steel stays cool as it makes 90 revolutions per minute while including a water bath.

The Tormek Ultimate water cooled Tool Sharpening System also includes a range of jigs that hold the blade in place while sharpening.

There is also a protractor referred to as an Angle Master which is useful in ensuring accuracy in setting the appropriate grinding angle.

The Tormek T4 tool sharpening system is very easy to adjust, and setting different angles will produce varied results as well as tip strength.

The Tormek has a guide that enables you to set your tool at specific angles according to your needs and specifications.

To achieve desired sharpness for your tool, you first insert tool to be sharpened in the Tormek machine with the edge facing down, then fasten using knobs on the side. mount the tool’s support bar in the holes on the Tormek and then slip the edge jig appropriate for your tool into the support bar, adjust the master angle protractor to 20 degrees.

Proceed by setting the protractor onto the grinding wheel with one end resting on the blade of the tool being sharpened.

Lower or raise the support bar using the adjustment wheel to ensure the gap is gone. Turn the Tormek machine on while moving the blade back and forth along the wheel of the grinder.

When you are satisfied with the sharpness of your tool, remove the tool and jig from the support bar. Reset the protractor so that the honing wheel and blade meet at 20 degrees then apply the honing compound to a wheel, move the blade back and forth on the wheel.

Once you have seen the results, You will find the Tormek water cooled Sharpening System is one of the best and most effective sharpening tools on the market.

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