[ Review]DMT W6EFC Three 6-Inch Diamond Whetstone Models BoxSharpener

DMT W6EFC Three 6-Inch Diamond Whetstone Models BoxSharpener review




DMT W6EFC Three 6-Inch Diamond Whetstone Models is a popular sharpening tool that is convenient for homes. The unit offers a great sharpening surface that satisfies various edge care needs. The 6″ Diamond Whetstone sharpener has great features which facilitate it effectiveness.

It features a durable plastic casing that has mounting capability, a non-skid rubber feet, and Extra-Fine diamond with a 9 micron / 1200 mesh that polishes and refines the edge of the razor after sharpening using a coarser diamond.


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This ensures fast and easy sharpening. The sharpener also features a durable construction that provides consistent and reliable performance as well as convenient services for the proper maintenance of the tool which entirely makes the product of superior quality and versatility.

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1. Easy bench use or counter.

The diamond surface is large and wide for sharpening many knives and also edges among the most popular sharpening stones of DMT.

The unit it is a great fit at home due to the effcective sharpening surface that satisfies a good number of edge-care needs

2. Extra-Fine diamond

The diamond polishes and refines the razor edge after sharpening using a diamond that is relatively coarser. The Fine -25 micron / 600mesh for the sharp razor edge and Coarse involves 45 micron / 325mesh which restores a neglected edge quickly.

3. Rubber feet

The tool Sharpens knives relatively easier and faster due to the rubber feet that is featured in the DMT W6EFC three 6-inch sharpener

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4. Durable construction

The sharpener is made to provide reliable services and consistent performance for years.

The sharpening does not require oil since the unit may sharpen dry or with water. This makes the sharpening process less messy.


The 6-inch DMT whetstone models sharpener has a number of benefits which include;

  • · It has an accurate diamond sizing for longer and consistent sharpening
  • · The unit features the most appropriate diamond coverage that ensures a longer-Lasting Service
  • · The DMT sharpener has a flat surface that facilitates even sharpening
  • · The warranty services offer free replacement If the tool is defective
  • · It cuts faster than the stones
  • · It may be used dry or with water,
  • · The sharpener’s cleanup is easy.



The product lacks any serious drawback apart from the holes on diamond surface plate which has an uneven feel.


The sharpener is sold online at an affordable price tag of about $$ whereby sites like Amazon Prime offer free shipping. It comes with great warranty offers and these includes replacement if it is found to be defective.


Price   Customer Reviews


The DMT W6EFC Three 6-Inch Diamond Whetstone Models a very versatile sharpener. It cuts uniformly and fast while giving the user full control.

The grinding surface of the DMT extremely flat which makes the product greatly effective. One simply needs to slide their knives on the diamond stone back and forth. The process saves energy, time and improves the sharpening results.

Moreover, the safety of use of the tool is assured which adds to its good quality. The great features and benefits of the 6 inch DMT are certainly correspondent to its affordable price tag which makes worth acquiring.

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