Chef's Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station, Platinum

Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station Review

Chef's Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station, Platinum


Why do you have to spend so much time on sharpening your knives with special stones or jigs to keep them functional in the kitchen? Chef’s Choice has introduced this new Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station for chefs and novice cooks out there.


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Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpener Review

The Chef’s Choice Sharpening Station electric machine is very convenient and easy-to-use. It can sharpen a variety of knives, from utility, pocket knives, fishing to serrated and non-serrated ones.

When you need a quick sharpener, utilize the 130 Professional Sharpening Station to get an instant sharp blade for an easy slicing and cutting.

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The Three Stages Of the CHEF’S CHOICE 130

The 130 Professional Sharpening Station utilizes with 100% Diamond Hone Abrasives in its initial stage for a fast and sharp edge.

It has three different stages and each stage has its own purpose. For a quick need for a sharp edge, the first stage is needed.

The other two stages are used for different edges in knives. The first and third stages have motor inside them while the second one has steel for sharpening.

-First Stage-

The first stage uses 100% Diamond Hone where it can quickly sharpen the edge of any knife. Use any knife here if you just need a quick sharp.

-Second Stage-

The second stage uses miniature steel for making the blades sharpened, like any other professional sharpening steels. This creates a razor-like sharp edge using a powerful microscopic teeth perfect for cutting foods.

-Third Stage-

The third stage uses a stropping disc that spins like the first one. It creates a hair-splitting sharpness in all blades, most especially the serrated knives.

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How to Use Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station

First off, you have to figure out which stage you want to use for your knives. Use the guides on each side in the stage that you select and pull the knife through the guides slowly but surely.

The pulling has to be smooth in motion. In just few seconds, you will have your knife looking like a brand new one and it is now perfect for cutting.

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If you only want to have a nice cutting edge for a standard kitchen knife, you use the first stage and either the second or the third one.

The first stage will sharpen the blade and the second stage will create small teeth edge for perfect cutting in the kitchen.

If you like a clean and smooth cutting, such as the filet knife, use the stage three (the stropping one) after you initially sharpen it with stage one.

The serrated knives are required to only use the stage three to sharpen the edges of them. If you use the other stages for serrated knives, you could take off the serrated edges of them.


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The Chef’s Choice 130 is a must-have in the kitchen whether you are a professional chef or just one of the people who loves to prepare foods.

Follow the manual and everything will go smoothly. Time to say NO to time-consuming traditional knife sharpening technique at home!